December 19, 2013

Another Mindless Zombie

Despite being incredibly busy I have managed to get another model finished. Work, mainly self created, has been hectic for the last few months and as a result my painting has suffered. I have plans to get back into it a bit more in the New Year but I won't be as prolific as before. There are only so many hours in the day and I definitely have too many projects running at once. At least I will soon have enough finished at least to play with a fully painted crew. These mindless zombies are fun to paint. The models are quite characterful despite the fact they are zombies and I am eager to see what the future ones might be like. I stuck with an autumnal scheme for this lady and it came out fine. The camera washes everything out but you can get some appreciation of what I was going for I hope. I have been painting the whole crew in a deliberately mixed colours. The models just feel too unique to really give them anything more than a token uniformity. The bases do decently well enough in my opinion.


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