December 13, 2013

Mindless Zombie

I have been playing a lot of Malifaux recently and I decided it was about time to get my paintbrushes out and get some models painted again. Here is a quickly painted mindless zombie. I picked these up as they were 20% at the local game store and as I use Nicodem these are probably useful. I am hopeful that when the plastic versions come out they will be different and so I will have six variations on the model. I painted the skin up with some washes, mainly grey, green and red. I may have used purple also but I forget. The base colour was Elf Flesh (GW). On the hands I wanted to try the blood wash that Old Fogey has used on his ghouls recently. However his comes out a lot better than mine. I also tried to make a blood trail behind the model and on the bottom of the boots. That came out okay at least. I have never really gotten that realistic blood correct. Eventually I will. I am considering upgrading my camera. The quality of shots are fairly poor and even a half decent smart phone seems to take better photographs nowadays.


  1. Looking good! i still need some of these fellows myself..

    I recently tested out the new GW technicals, and if you want a quick and easy blood, you could do a lot worse than their "blood for the blood god" paint.

    follow me home and take a gander if the mood takes you..

  2. What did you use for the blood? Tamiya red mixed with black or dark brown, or even purple, is what I usually use. It's the dark bits that make it realistic. If you just apply red, it looks like jam. If you put it on thinned too much, it stains the figure and the underlying colour affects the final finish - looks like this could be your problem here. And remember to do it in stages, red, then darker red, then almost black. It's still a quick process even with three (or more) steps.

    1. I used Tamiya Red alright. About 80% that with some black and then purple ink added. I used a two stage application of the same formula. I guess I need a darker application on this guy. Lets see if that changes anything. Thanks for the tip


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