December 27, 2013

A Quick Test

Despite the recent flurry of Malifaux activity I have been painting some other stuff. This has mainly been miniatures for SAGA. As I said in my last post I really wanted to get my Viking band together. Well I have painted a test model or I should say finished a test model as this guy has been on the desk for a long while. I have no idea if I have enough models but I think I should have. The box I contained them all in is getting light but I should get by. I can just add loads of Huscarls into the band. What I am eager to get a hold of is some Berserkers that fit scale wise with the rest of the models. There are some terrible old gripping beast sculpts but I really would like something better. These guys don't have a fancy shield to hide behind so the quality of the model needs to be fairly decent.

I copied the shield design from Old Fogey's Saxon Warlord. Aalthough looking now his is much better. I will be doing higher quality shields across the band and so I have been looking everywhere for some inspiration. I have had a lot of problems with the quality of the Little Big Men studio shield transfers over time so I definitely don't want to use them. They may look fine now but give them a few years and they won't. It seems the only way to go is to freehand the designs. I wonder how long it will take before the enthusiasim for that will wear off.

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