December 23, 2013

Arise my thralls...

I finally got a Master finished. I had Nicodem put together and half done for a while. I sat down last night and fnished him off. He isn't the recipient of the most awesome paint job ever but he came out fine and I am glad to be able to put him into the cabinet alongside the other Malifaux miniatures. The sculpt is actually different from th one show on the package I bought. That shows a stiched together coat while this one was plain. Maybe the artist managed a convincing paintjob on the stiches. I kept it plain and experimented with a few brown colours. As my favourite Scorched Brown is down to a single pot in my collection and it can't be replaced I need to keep that for one or two future projects to maintain some consistency. I drybrushed the vulture as when it came to painting him I really wasn't up for the careful highlighting of the feathers. Carefully applied drybrushing can be just as good as painstaking blending, especially when viewed from across the table.

I wanted to add something to the base for ach of the Master models I will have. It took a while to come up exactly with what though. I think I shall add some tiny playing cards just like these in the picture. They are an absolute pain to paint and I guess nobody but I will ever notice them. Still for me, it differentiates the masters from the already characterful other miniatures. I will do it for the others I paint. I have picked up Seamus and Molly so I have a decent amount to get through. I seem to always do the same. Once I get enthusiastic about a project I dig into the backlog and make a decent amount of progress. Just as I am clearing them out I always end up ordering a few bits more. As soon as they arrive I end up moving onto something else...

I will be painting some more Dark Ages stuff over the Christmas break. There seems to be another few players for Saga and I want to get the last band I have here together. I have enough still from the Gripping Beast WAB deal I bought nearly ten years ago to make one more Viking Band and to bulk out the Saxons and Anglo Danes. The only thing I am a little short on is archer levy. I will have to pick up a pack or two of them. I have so much stuff painted that I am considering trying out a few games of WAB in the new year. I should have sufficent models painted to field a 2000 point army.

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