February 1, 2017

January Progress

I made some progress on my projects this month though The Walking Dead has interfered with the plans somewhat.I somehow managed to make the most progress with my Malifaux stuff, due I think to a local league starting up which I won't be really taking a part in. I had the models lying around for a long while so its good that I made a start with them.

I tried the underpainting technique with these models to mixed results. They are definitely tabletop worthy but they are no where near whatI would usually do. The problem I am finding is with the glazes. I have to relearn a lot of things to get the colours to look right. I knew the process wouldn't be easy but it is definitely fun and I will pursue it a little more. It is definitely a faster way to paint.

The Flesh Construct was undercoated white and I built up colours using GW glazes and washes. The silver I painted as normal as I doubt the technique really works with metallics and as they are fast to paint anyway I didn't worry aoubt it too much. I am happy with the skin tones and the mix of red and green seems good. I am tempted to pick up the alternative sculpt in the coming months as this guy was fun to paint.

The Canine Remains were also fast enough to paint, the Zombie Chichuaua especially so. I kep with the underpainting though I mixed some glazes from paint to get a deeper and more varied colour to their pelts. I may have applied it a little too heavily but it works and I am happy. The motto with these is: Finished not Perfect. As there are no other sculpts readily available and I doubt I really need more I can consider this contingent of my R.ssurectionists complete.
The nurses are very annoying to paint. White is such a horrible colour to do for me and while I had hoped that the underpainting technique would help it still didn't make much of an improvement. Again Finished not Perfect applies but I feel I could have done a better job. I have experimented with McMournings lab coat but that hasn't come out any better and I will probably have to repaint him in base white. The blue as a contrast worked fairly nicely even if it is slightly heavier than I would have liked. I think in future a splash of blue into a glaze for white will be done, so it seems I am learning.

I also managed to paint some Space Marines but I will post them next week. All in all progress was a little slower than hoped, especially considering the initial enthusiasm but for the month I would rank myself B-.

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