April 28, 2017

WIP Ironjawz

I've finally made a start on my Orruk Brutes. These are interesting models. This one is at least thirteen pieces to put together but the result is great. The detail is sharp and crisp and the effect is very layered, something impossible only a few years ago with plastics. I am quite impressed. I can only wonder how good the bigger kits that have come out must be. As for painting I went with a slightly different and rather time consuming weathering technique. The large armour plates need a bit more work to look good and so I went with this style. Its come out okay so far but hopefully I can refine it a bit as I continue so that its quicker and maybe not so stark. I do the scratches with a dark red. I layer some orange over this. Its a little stark but its hard to get a colour that works over the yellow and the black segments.  I still have a lot to go with this model. The skin will be especially intersting to do as the few ways I've tried so far haen't come out as I'd like and I think I'll have to resort to the tried and tested pallid green skin. I've spent way too long on this model already which doesn't bode well for the rest of the army...

April 17, 2017

Pulling out my Chaos

As I said in my last post I've been getting some games of Age of Sigmar in recently.  As I don't really have a suitable army I've taken out my old Chaos stuff from when I started this blog up. We are only playing 1000 point games. The armies are small but well I only have 1000 points painted so that's fine with me. I didn't really study up all the possible synergies and basically just cobbled a list together. That combined with some poor dice really effected how I played. The list just didn't perform the way I had expected it to. Thankfully I'll have some Ironjawz to use soon so hopefully they can be a more competitive and fun army to use. I don't really want to expand my Slaves to Darkness beyond what I have painted despite having the models. Rebasing them all would be a chore as I put a fair bit of effort into basing them in the first place. I also have a few other projects such as my Stormcast that I think I would prefer to get finished and on the tabletop though they will take me a long while to really get done. I just don't have the time to paint them and that saps my enthusiasm. Maybe I can get back into the mood to do them after I have played some more. I also need to see what armies the other players go for as we only have a small group and there is no point in doubling up on armies at this point.
The scenarios from the Generals Handbook have proven to be good. They force a balanced enough army though I can see how shooting could come to be dominant in a meta. Terrain, as always, needs to be good quality and abundant. We played in the local GW store and I was a bit shocked at how bad the terrain was. The 40k stuff looked acceptable but the AOS stuff was really poor. I can understand that the terrain would take a bit of a bashing over time but this stuff was just bad. As they are actually trying to sell this stuff to customers one wuld think that they would make more of an effort in getting some good stuff onto the tables. The Realm of Battle boards were nice though the whole winter scheme was a little excessive. Again as these are going to be sold a little effort would have gone a long way.

Anyway the last game we didn't get finished but it ended at a 2:2 draw against the Wanderers. The Wood Elves in this new edition are really not what they used to be. They could stand up to a charge and realyly dish out some hurt. I was expecting that once I got up close to them I would sweep through their ranks but that was definitely not what happened. Luckily I managed to target my opponents characters preventing him from scoring the objectives and letting me claw back into the game. It really was funa nd quite tactically challenging. I've a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to it.

April 12, 2017

Into the Wild West

I drew up a map for our upcoming Wild West campaign. We are going to use the Legends of the Old West rules. I'm starting off with a Mountain Man posse with plans to also use a Lawman posse. I haven't played before despite having the rule book since it came out. I drew the map using Inkarnate and photoshop. It was actually really simple to do.

The game will tell the story of the McGregor and Dalton Feud. As I will have two posses and Steve, the main opponent, likely will too we have to get a story together where our posses won't fight each other. Anyway you can expect more posts about it soon.

April 10, 2017

Ironjawz, how did that happen?

It seems I've started a new Warhammer army... I'm not sure how that happened. It's been nine years since I really started a new army for Warhammer. Actually I suppose the Stormcast I got count as a new one too. I've been eager to get some Ironjawz since they released. I have a fair collection on 'Ardboyz already so ading only a few units to them makes the army relatively cheap to collect. I'll be painting these in the same scheme as the 'Ardboyz I've shown here. Its going to be fun.

I have managed to get a few games under my belt recently an that's set my enthusiasm for the game at an all time high. We are getting a small but regular group together in Hamburg finally. You can find us on Facebook under Age of Sigmar Hamburg.

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