January 27, 2012

Friday Showcase - Gatorman Posse

When the Gatormen appeared I rushed out to get them. These are absolutely fantastic models and exemplify everything great about the Hordes range.They are really something new and look fantastic. Okay with Hordes models in general it might be a new take on an old idea but I think these are really something fresh. I had seen some of the Wargods of Aegytpus crocodile models and while they are pretty good these voodoo gatormen are something awesome. Since the release of the Blindwater Congregation as a faction things have only been getting better.

I painted mine brown in keeping with the Circle Orboros theme of Autumn. The less green the better. I also wanted to distinguish them a littl emore by giving them stripes. I am not 100% sure if this occurs in actual Alligators but it felt right. All in all I think they came out well. I have enough to finish off this unit and I am thinking I could easily pick up a second... though that would mean I have started another faction.


  1. I'll be returning to painting up my own Gators next week after Warpcon. Need a break from Space Marines. Mine are much greener, I based the colours off my lucky stuffed gator, Snappy.

    1. Space Marines.... will you never learn? :-) Maybe you will have the Gators ready for the Masters?


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