January 4, 2012

A Tale of Three Gamers - Month Two

So after my efforts before Christmas I have managed to get my second months target hit! That's six hundred points done, a full quarter of the target. I am pretty proud of that as I am usually lazy when it comes to painting, especially regiments. I have to say getting the Gors finished was a bit of a chore and I don't relish bringing them up to the full quota of forty. This month I will be doing a Battle Standard Bearer, eight more Gor and five Ungors. That builds the regiments up to a more realistic size and it gets a character done. Some time I know I will have to really sit and plough through a big chuck of models but this month I really want to get some Warmachine and Hordes done too. I also have some terrain to do so it will be a busy hobby month. There is a point I guess in most armies where you decide to quit or keep on going. I guess that comes with the biggest regiment where you just have to accept that it is going to take a long long time and get on with it. I know thats going to come eventually. Breaking the regiments down into chunks has helped though. I guess I still have about fifty Gor to do and thirty Bestigor. Getting them done will be the challenge.

I am not the only one to have hit the target. Al managed to get the Warriors done, no characters though. So thats a full three hundred done for him. These are converted to be a little more lightly armoured than the standard models. They are Greek themed and look great. Next months target for Al are the two characters, a mounted BSB and a disc riding wizard. It's not too high a target and I am looking forward to seeing the disc.

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