January 23, 2012

Power Swell Wolves

Having taken my Wolves of Orboros out last week to photograph I decided that I would get the unit attachment done. So despite finally managing to get some games in this weekend I painted these up. They were easier than I had thought. I managed to match the colours easily enough to the older models. When I painted the orginal unit I thought that they were really annoying as they took ages. However these were quick enough so maybe I could manage a second unit sometime.

I really like what these can do in the game. It's an expensive ability but it really makes them super effective for one turn. Basically they add a damage dice so with a charge thats four dice. As they have reach the are likely to charge as they have a decent treat range. I will be using my Circle as soon as my cards arrive. Yes I am still waiting over two months... Maelstrom really dropped the ball on this order. At least they finally got my Celestial Fulcrum to me. I will be working on that today but I am pretty sure that its going to take me a while to finish.

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