January 5, 2012


I really hate Ikea. Not only is it a hassle to go there and browse through mountains of furniture but then when you get it home you have to put it all together. So today is going to be taken up, yet again, with assembling shelves. Sometimes I think I live in a library! Painting has suffered a little over the last few days and I have only managed a short stint. Instead of painting Beastmen I thought I would get some Hordes models done for a change.

I picked this model up second hand and stripped him back almost to bare metal. I am still struggling in finding an easy stripper that will take off the sprayed on undercoat. I don't want anything thats really stinky or hard to store. I guess hard to store isn't really a big thing but I would prefer a small container. I can#t remember how I managed to get the nice dark effect on my druids cloaks but I know it wasn't as simply as I did it here. I basically washed and rehighlighted the cloak and then gave it a black glaze to tie in the now too stark highlights. Painting dark cloaks is always a problem. I managed to get it decently done on the druids but as you can see here it hasn't come out great.

I am hoping to get my Overseer done soon. I guess that depends on how well the shelves go together! I also have a second druid unit I would like to get done so my Circle should be getting some loving over the coming days. Hopefully I can post the results next week.

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