January 1, 2014

SAGA Slaughter

I got less gaming in over the holidays than anticipated. However I did manage two games against Steve at least. The first was a desparate defence on a hill when raised voices at the parley led to drawn swords. My Anglo-Danes managed to hold the hill till the bitter end but it cost them dearly. Only a handful remained, outnumbered by the angry Normans. The cavalry preformed really well in this battle and I wish I could get some for my forces. As I had no archers there really wasnt't a disadvantage to fielding them and they almost outflanked and surrounded me, as they had in the last two encounters I played against them. The hill did have a large cliff face and their speed just wasn't enough to get them around in time. I really have to check and see if the Vikings can include some. The extra speed can really be useful at times.

In the second game the Jomsvikings were scouting a pass in Yorkshire when they were ambushed. The previous battle had been a Challenge scenario where the Warlords barely fought at all. In this scenario, Clash of Warlords, they both went at it hammer and tongs. It is quite possible that more troops were wiped out to cancel hits on the warlords than in the fighting themselves. They both killed each other in the end and granted the victory to Steve's Anglo-Danes.

It looks like I will be playing a lot of Dark Ages stuff this year. A specific Dark Ages group has been started here in Hamburg and every one seems to be enthusiastic. I even have some urge to play some Warhammer Ancients. I have enough models to put together a decent army for sure and Steve's Normans are expanding at a rapid pace. I need to get some scenery constructed as I don't have much that is appropriate but I enjoy making scenery so it won't be much of a chore.


  1. Liking your armies there Phil, should really paint mine but I get to play SAGA so rarely I don't prioritise them.

    1. You would play more often if the armies were painted!

    2. Painting my army won't make opponents crawl out of the ground. Learning Necromancy, on the other hand.....

    3. I thought you had convinced the Heff to play. Owen has an army too.


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