January 23, 2014

An Endless Horde of Mindless Zombies

I finally managed to paint the last of the Mindless Zombies. I have thankfully been managing to keep up the painting and I have a few models just about ready. I painted this guy quickly as I was uninspired to do anything special. It is a zombie in a suit I really didn't think there was much more to do than what I did. The suit is dark and I kept the skin and waistcoat light for some contrast. It was quick and easy unlike a few other models in the range. I have only been playing online via Vassal. The game isn't really popular here in Germany and I attribute that to the fact that the rules are only available in English. Warmachine has German rules and as such it is gaining in popularity for the last two years. People don't want to have to struggle with the rules so when they are in a different language they don't see the point in bothering. I can understand that 100%.

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