January 3, 2014

Three Dwarves

I don't often paint Warhammer stuff but I picked out a few Dwarves over the Christmas and decided to finally finish them off. These are three of the four incarnations of plastic GW Dwarves. I have only a few from the original fantasy regiment boxed set. I painted this one, the model on the far left to fit in with the current scheme of my Dwarves. I somehow swapped from a blue/white to a red/green colour scheme without noticing it. The model in the middle was the terrible 3rd edition plastic version. These were one piece models that could have a shield attached. I have added new shields to them all so that they fit in with the rest of the regiment. This version was actually way worse than the previous one. I really wonder why they didn't continue to produce them instead of these hideous things. Maybe due to the fact that the first ones were multi-piece kits and at this point GW had switched to their child centred policy. I still have a few of these Dwarves and I may paint them up eventually to inhabit the rear ranks of the regiments. With the current prices every miniatures is precious even when ugly. The last model on the right is the single piece Dwarf that came out with the seventh edition boxed set. This guy is an impressive improvement on the previous one, especially considering that the shield comes moulded on.

I have heard that the Dwarf book is coming out soon and I am trepidatious.The play style of the Dwarves is stale. While I would often play a more movement orientated force I still had to rely on shooting if I wanted to win. People ended up hating to play against Dwarves and in the end I wasn't having as much fun as I would have liked. I wonder what will come out for these guys? A zeppelin is probably too predictable. Iron Golems I could imagine. Though they start to step into the Warmachine imagery of theey go for steam powered large miniatures. They would of course look very different but comparisons will still be made. The Anvil of Doom will get a large kit thats for sure, I assume it will be able to make two models probably a Throne of Power. I wonder if Warhammer 9th edition will see buyable terrain. I could imagine the Dwarves getting some type of a fortification to buy in their army list. That could be a precursor of the changes coming soon. I am only really interested as Dwarves are probably the only army I will keep up to date for Warhammer Fantasy.

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  1. Nice comparison pic, not sure which I like the best (or should that be dislike the least). Certainly the middle one is by far the worst, I might actually prefer the very first edition. For such an iconic race, decent dwarf models are few and far between. I quite like the Avatars of War range, I know lots of people love the old metals (not me) and some seem to like them dressed in flouncy clothing. I probably like the GW Lotr range for plastic dwarfs!


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