January 8, 2014

Don't forget your shovel if you want to go to work.

I still haven't recovered from the holidays that is for sure. There was far too many nice homebrewed and craft beers to enjoy never mind the food. I have been relaxing over the last few days and managed to get the finishing touches done on Mortimer for my ressurectionist crew. Again the camera washed the whites out. Eventually I shall upgrade, eventually. I have a game next week and I want to get my Molly crew together. I doubt I will manage that but who knows. I really like Mollys playstyle. She tends to be strong in scenario play or at least the way I play scenarios. Other than painting her I am not sure what else I will do. Maybe some more Dwarves, maybe more Vikings. There is enough of a backlog I have a plethora of choices.


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