January 16, 2014

Lost Lonely Undead Children

I have been slowly painting the Horrors starter box for Malifaux. I have been distracted by Torchlight coming out for free on steam. Yesterday I resisted the temptation to play and got one of the Crooligans finished.I went with a really dark scheme similar to what is shown on the box. It isn't executed with quite as much skill but I think it came out really well. By keeping certain elements of the miniature really bright and light there is a lot of contrast and the model doesn't look too dull and dark. The miniature is really detailed especially for its size. These represent lost undead children from the little I know of the background of the game. The miniatures are true enough to scale and so these are a good bit more delicate in detail than what I am used to painting. I have a second one just about done too and I will have some pictures soon.

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