August 20, 2009


I have seen a few people talking about using different solvents to remove paint from plastic miniatures online. I was curious as to how this would work so I decided to try it out for myself. I bought a few Chaos Warriors when they first came out. I painted various schemes as testers for a full army. Now that I intend to actually collect the army I felt these would serve as a good test model for the stripping. I used Nail Polish Remover as it was the easiest to find. €2 in Boots Chemists for 150ml seemed a fine deal.

The Stripper:

The Victim:

The Chaos Warrior took the plunge for only a minute and a half before I removed it. I didn't want to risk leaving him in too long in case he turned into a puddle! He came out and the paint was already bulged and cracked ready to be removed from the surface.

Just out:

Removing the paint:

The paint came off the smooth areas very easily. However on the more heavily textured surfaces it was a little more resistant. A toothbrush quickly took care of that. I was worried that the surface might soften and be damaged if I scrubbed too hard. That wasn't a problem at all and within a few seconds the model was clean and ready to be repainted.

The result:

One problem I did have was with the container I used to hold the Nail Polish Remover! Five minutes after I used it and just as I was about to pop another model in the bottom of it dissolved spreading a fine puddle of sweet smelling liquid everywhere. Luckily I had moved it from my painting desk to a safer area and there was no problem except the smell. I advise using a glass container!

So now I have a regiment of Chaos Warriors ready for the new incarnation of my Chaos. Well I suppose that they are the only incarnation of Chaos as the first one didn't get very far! As they are glued together already there won't be much to do with them in terms of conversions. They will probably just end up as standard Hand Weapon and Shield Warriors. I can once again practise the colurs schemes too but I have a fairly good idea of what I am going for.

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