July 28, 2010

Coffee keeps you going

The hounds are done! I sat and finished them yesterday. Thankfully they turned out to match the original ones closely enough. Hopefully you can't spot the difference. I looked in my foam cases today. I found another six that have been base coated. I doubt if I will paint them to soon. Thinking about the big regiment I can't see the use at all. I do remember people talking about having a large regiment with a character in the front. It would have been used in tournaments in 6th edition. I can't see that helping now with the stand up tule. The attacks coming back at the dogs would devastate them. It would be a useful flanking regiment as it is fast and relatively cheap. Twenty come in just over one hundred points.

I finally got the rulebook. Its huge. I know I had heard everyone say that but I was stiull suprised. I can actually see the size being counter productive. What twelve year old new player is not goin to bew intimidated by that? It is cool though. I haven't had a chance to read it in depth yet as I am trying to finish Fool Moon, the next book in the Dresden Files. The colour section is amazing. I just went through some of the army spreads and they give some good inspiration. The examples in the book seem comprehensive. The rules well written but not being too direct. There is still some sense of fun to them. I look forward to getting through the meat of the book over the coming days. Wwhat has struck me as weird is the FAQ pdf's. I would seem to need to check them every few weeks to check what has been updated. I can really see them becoming unwieldy quickly. Its hard enough to keep up with the changes in two or three armies but having to check each pdf once a month gets to be arduous! Anyway we shall see if they are able to keep the pressure up and actually actively update these documents.

Tonight I poured three cups of coffee into me! Well it kept me awake long enough to get the base colours done on six marauder steeds. It is suprising how long three colours can take to get on these cavalry models. The horses are fantastic though! The really got a nice sense of movement in them. I will e following a similar scheme to the slaanesh horses in the army book - white. It might be a little strong and garish in the army. Hopefully the riders can tie them in. I will have some pictures up over the weekend hopefully. I have paintballing on Sunday so I will be losing a painting day.


  1. The extra dogs fit nicely with the old - I can't single out old and new looking at the pictures, so I believe you've gotten it right!

    The Marauder Horsemen are great sculpts, best models 7th edition gave Warriors of Chaos, I think. Will look forward to your take on them!

  2. Those look great love the basing very imaginative and very realistic

  3. Thanks!

    I still can't understand how it took me four+ hours to base coat six horses (and it isn't even finished)!

  4. Loved your bases!

    It's quite strange to watch someone else who also worries about basing. My bases seems like dioramas when comparised with my friends minis xD

    The use of the birch seeds and branches looks very nice!

    Keep up the nice job!


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