October 27, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - test colours

One of the most important things when starting a new army is to test the colours you want to use for it. I can't stress that enough! If you don't test the colours it will be far too late once you have finished a few ranks to go back and try something else. So next week sees the start of the project and I don't want to be jumping in to anything without having made my mind up with how to do it. I have started Orcs before and after I painted about one hundred boys I realised that I hated how I did the green. That army is now and probably forever will be residing on a shelf. It is just too much effort to strip them and start again and its too much of a pain to finish off the army seing as how horrible they turned out. Once burned, twice shy!

I know Gar is pretty happy with the colour scheme of his Dwarves as he already has a number of them painted. However I have never really painted a beastman before. I have somewhere a beastman warband for Mordheim where I painted them in flesh colours, emphasising the men far more than the beast. They came out fairly well but it isn't something I wanted to continue throughout a whole army. So instead I went for a khaki toned skin. I actually think the colour is called Khaki. It is from Vajello. I think it is fine but maybe too light. I haven't been able to get much of a change in the tone towards a flesh colour. I will paint a second guy to see if I can manage a darker tone to the skin areas. I still want it to be generally like I have it here but with a little more apparent contrast. I went with a neutral green for the robe. It adds a nce contrast to the skin without being overbearing. I was thinking I could go for red but that might be too strong. Maybe when it comes to doing other regiments I can mix it up a little. The weapons are fairly dark. I mixed black and bolt gun metal for them. I think this is still a little lighter than I had intended and I will try on the next Ungor to get it right. The horns are where I think this model fails a little. Well the paintjob not the model. I am not sure if I got them right at all. Looking at the models on the box these are generally done in grey. I don't know how that might end up looking but I guess I will try it out.

So next Thursday we will all have here what we are committing to painting for November. It is the first month so I am guessing nothing too ambitious!


  1. I love tales :) Good thing you are painting some test model. My only comment is that the gaps around the shoulder joints should be filled somehow.

  2. I agree with you the skin tone is a little light, but I do like the color of it. I guess when doing horns, the question I always ask myself, do I want something more contrasting or something more complimentary. If you go with the grays it will stand out more. The other way is to go with a more warmer tone of bone color. The catch there is to have it defined enough where it does not appear to blend in with your lighter skin tone. A Vallejo English Uniform base then warm bone colors is how I would do that.

    Its a good crisp looking paint scheme. The weapons colors are nice dark like that. I always envision beastmen not really taking care of their steel as well as normal men or chaos. Maybe a little corrosion also.

  3. Try going from black primer > drybrush Tin Bitz > drybrush edges Boltgun Metal on the weapons. You get a sort of dark griminess to them, while the edges still look like they've been sharpened and used. I know 'drybrush' is a dirty word these days but it does work, especially for dark and ragged schemes that'd come out too clean if you went for layers and ink.

  4. Fixng all the shoulder joints just takes too long. I try to make sure that the gap is not overly obvious but I really don't have time to do an army and make it 100% perfect. Its a pity...

    I will try for an English Uniform base but I was worried that that colour has a very strong green tone to it?

    As for the weapons I am not sure yet about rust and corrosion. I will paint some more after the first month and see how they all look together. Then I will see if they need some rust or not.

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. I really like that light theme, and the matte neutral green of the cloth. I say keep that, and when you have finished one regiment I guess you could decide whether you want to go for that for the whole army, or if you want to vary the colours for each regiment.

    When it comes to corrosion and rust, I personally don't like it on weapons or armour. No point in handicapping your warriors, is there? I do like the dark colouring though, but I agree that you could push them one notch darker.


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