October 6, 2014

Night Goblin Shaman

While I should have been painting some Spider Riders I instead got distracted with the Battle for Skull Pass Shaman. I don't have much painting time, less than the last time I made the same complaint but I am making some very slow progress on this army. I have recently been browsing the Give'em Lead blog and there have been a few excerpts from old White Dwarfs there. Some of these were fairly influential to me back in the day especially the Stillmania articles. Having read through them I am determined even more than ever to get this army done. I doubt I will hit my christmas deadline but I will make a fair stab at it. Nigel mentioned building the army in blocks or detachments and I will do the same. The first is a 1000pt detachment of Night Goblins. I will stick with the standard force percentages so that it can easily slot into any further developments of the army.

Basically while waiting for washes and glazes to dry on the Spider Riders I managed to complete the shaman. The Spider Riders are easy enough to paint but they can take a while to dry. I found that once I had progressed about half way with Shaman I had the momentum to complete him and so I pushed the Spider Riders to the side. The base needs to be completed much like the rest of the army but that can be done at a later date. I went with a red colour on the staff puppet thing as I thought it would offer a nice contrast to the green. Whie it is fine I don't think it had the effect I wanted. I have two more of these models and I intend eventually to convert them and paint them as a coven to use in a larger battle at some future time. The models are going to be tough to convert but it should be possible.


  1. That's a great shaman. Being an ork player, i never know whether to take the models seriously, or with a glint of humor. I just imagine him chanting about his "scary spirit" on a stick, and everyone just believes him.

  2. I love the the old Stillmania articles. My favourite may have been his project log on building his Bretonnian army back in 5th ed.
    "Build and paint a 2000pt army, model all the magic items on the characters and never change them, build a case that fits your army, in higher points games still use your 2000pt list no matter the odds..."

    Good times :)

    I love the red on the puppets robes and the checks on the hoods are fantastic. I still have to practice with the checks and touch up my night goblins.


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