November 27, 2014

Finland, Finland, Finland

I have just moved to Finland. A new opportunity for work arose and I went for it. At the moment absolutely no gaming is happening. Not only do I not have any time but I really didn't bring anything with me. The best I can expect is a few board games or some games on VASSAL. I did however pack a few paints, brushes and models. I even managed to unpack them last night and start some painting. I only brough a few models, sixty Night Goblins and thirty something Savage Orcs. They should keep me busy during the long dark evenings here. I will actually be heading home to Ireland for Christmas so if needed I can restock my painting inventory from the leadpile there. I believe there is a Wyvern, Snotlings by the score, spear weilding Orcs and Golfags Ogres there that I would like to get painted eventually. As it will be late spring before a restock opportunity presents itself I guess I will be bringing back quite a lot of stuff.


  1. Good luck in your endeavour. There are some pretty decent painters in Finland, maybe it's something in the water.

    1. Well the water we are getting from the tap is brown so there definitely is something in it.


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