September 11, 2009

The children are complete

I have finished the Children of the Bear. The cloaks are all done and the heads are finally in place. The most extensive conversion was on the champion. I wanted the image of a haughty warrior and I think I have managed to achieve that! The conversion was a lot more simple than I imagined. The resting hand on the weapon was made a lot easier by some delicate cutting of an existing hand and then replacing what was needed. The thumb around the back was the trickiest piece to do. The fingers might be a little long but I am happy with them so no changes!

The cloaks are getting a lot easier to do. It still takes a little under an hour to do the sculpting once the frame is prepared and dry. Only thirty more to do I believe! I put together a few more models from the army and I have deicided that the Chaos Knights can do with cloak too! At least the Warriors come with them already done. The cloaks do seem a little small on the marauders though. I think I was not generous enough while sculpting them. I should probably have extended them out to the sides more while sculpting. That would give them a much more voluminous appearance. Also the addition of some more folds lengthways would have helped. At least I know this now for the rest of them!

The bases are done on these too. I didn't put much thought into the placement of the elements on the bases sadly. It does mean that they are easir to rank up but it does not look as cohesive. The Warhounds below show how cohesive basing looks great across a regiment. As I have probably said I am simply going for a woodland type base. This means rocks and branches. I have used it before on my Circle or Orboros army and it worked well. They however don't need to rank up so placement of things was not too important. I think that a scattered placement here takes away from the regiment.

These are poor models. GW don't seem to be able to do dog like models. They are at least a step up from the Dire Wolves they produced. In this picture you can se what I mean by keeping the basing cohesive! I just need to figure out a way to do this for the static element of the army. The Chaos Warriors don't really give me much scope in their poses to have them stepping over things. I will figure out something... I would like to make a symbol of Slaanesh in rocks on the bases across the regiment and see if anyone ever notices! I doubt they would.

This is a shot of one of my next marauders. These are going to represent a Cult from the south. I am not sure exactly what more I am going to do with these just yet. The addition of a few Chaos like symbols gives a good hint at their alliegiance. I will put pictures of them up here once I think about them more and then start constructing!

Here is one of my giant knights. These guys are huge. They are also fantastic models. I do believe that there is a conspiracy by GW to not allow Chaos models to rank up. I have had to break apart each model a number of times to get him to fit with his bulky neighbours. They will be getting some greentuff treatment soon!

The tournament is now less than two weeks away as I have to leave early to get there! I at least made a provisional army out last night so I have an idea of what I am goig to take. I am finding it hard to get the army together as I don't really have a good idea of what I want. The characters are proving especially difficult. While I want a Slaanesh army I can't relly rely on their magic phase as at least two armies are completely immune to the effective spells on the list. Well I still have some time to think about it. Thats half the fun with Warhammer!

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