September 7, 2009

Less than three weeks!

Hmmm I have just realised that I have less than three weeks to go to the tournament where I am hoping to field my Warriors of Chaos. I currently have less than two hundred points worth assembled. I do have the bulk of the army done though with thirty eight models on their bases. Sadly that means fourteen hounds and twenty four marauders! Tomorrow I will have to sort out some characters to make sure I can meet the points. I have been looking to order a mounted Deamonette on all the online retailers but it seems that they are now out of production. I will have to head to the local games store in Hamburg 'Spieleland' which is fantatic! Failing that I will once again venture into GW in the hope that nobody speaks English so that they can't haunt me while in the shop.

Spending the weekend helping reonvate a house by the sea didn't give me much time to construct more little grey men this weekend. I spent all of Sunday asaulting an unruly hedge with a chainsaw. The novelty of a heavy spinning blade wears off rather quickly. My arms are broken in pieces. I have muscles now I didn't realise I had! Stevens Eriksson's books have also proved a distraction. I am currently enjoying the seventh book Reaper's Gale. Thankfully I have spotted a few retailers of english books as I doubt if I will ever have enough mastery of german to manage a novel of that complexity! I do have to get my 'Krieger des Chaos' tomorrow to figure out what I will bring to the tournament.

The upcoming tournament is being hosted by theNorth Wexford Gamers. I guess it will be a complete cheesefest as it is the first Irish ranking tournament. I don't think I will manage to core too highly, especially as my army won't even be painted. I would like to get a feel for how my regiments are doing though so I can be prepared for the next ranking tournament, which was just announced today, the Resurgence 2009. It is being held in Ballymena, Northern Ireland by the Northern Wasters. I hope it lives up to its previous incarnations as Bloodstorm. The last one was 2004 I believe. They were great fun!

I am still waiting on getting into some gaming fun here in Hamburg. Once I get more boot on bases I will organise some games properly. I am really looking forward to seeing how Warhammer is played here!

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