September 15, 2009

Turning to the dark side!

Here is one of the wizards that I am converting. I am trying to keep it more in touch with the marauders so I am going for a shaman rather than a sorceror. I began with the Empire Wizards sprue and added a few other components. The chaos star worked well to give an instantly evil look. I have also decided that the wizards will all be blind.

The extra piece come from the wonderful flagellant sprue. There are lots of little bones, skulls and symbols that can be attached anywhere. The cloak I added so that he does not look too empire. The blind flagellant head hopefully keeps him evil looking too. While evil is not a theme I really wanted to convey I need some in there. I was imagining a viking shaman. I added the little runetones around the fur cloak to reinforce that image. They were easy enough to do so I will carry them in through the rest of the army in various forms. So less than two weeks to go and I am getting there. There is no chance the army will be painted, absolutely none! I am having to temporarily abandon my workspace and I don't really know if I will be getting much more access to it before I have to leave. Hopefully so as there are a lot more marauders that need some glue!

I am really struggling with my list at the moment. The competition in Gorey is going to be high. I want to power up the list without completely going to the Dark Side! How I am going to achieve this I don't know. I really like the Warriors of Chaos list but it suffers from being well balanced! When compared to other more powerful lists there is nothing that jumps out as being great. The magic is good but costs a lot to bring to a dominating power level. I will be taking three wizards as the fourth is too expensive. I am struggling with which lores to take. I want a Slaanesh army but the lore is not fantastic considering the two armies I will need to be able to beat are immune to two thirds of the spells. The Tzeentch lore is good, well fanatstic really. I don't want to rely on a single spell: Gateway, to win my games though. It is a rather poor spell when you consider the much easier to cast Flickering Fire. I will take a mix of lores and from the games see what actually works well!

In terms of regiments I should probably focus on very hard hitting cavalry and then some cheap distractions. I have a more balanced inclusion at the moment with four decent infantry regiments of 12+ each. These could be problematic as they will need a lot of space to move around comfortly. The Chaos Warriors are almost the same points as a regiment of Chaos Knights and I really don't think they can preform anywhere nearly as good. Still as the tournament will actually be my first chance t play these I will have to go with the expectation of not doing all that well but learning some valuable lessons!

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