September 24, 2009

T-shirts do a good job

Okay I managed to pack the army finally. Two shoe boxes, a trousers and some T-shirts did the job fairly well. I am scared to open the boxes now to see the little broken pieces tumbling out. I should really bring a small plastic bag to collect the pieces up! Battlefoam's customer support is really useless. I have placed the order almost a week ago and they haven't bothered to get back to me at all! The big problem is that calling them is difficult as they are in Arizona and the time-zones are not really compatible. I will try to give them a call this weekend and put some fire under their asses. I have eight weeks until the next tournament and they better have it ready by then. I don't want to be using T-shirts once the army is painted.

I have ordered the 432 Pack, the one that is great for transport on planes. The problem is I have to design the foam inside myself. Therefore I need to really think as what I want to pack in. I also need it to be interchangable which is really annoying. If I combine two units into a single tray I have to be sure that I will be always bring those units together. It is a pity that they don't do half trays, as that would make them very interchangable! Also one of the problems is the cavalry tray. It is 4" high and it only takes twenty four models. That means it uses up two thirds of the case for far less than two thirds of the army.

Listening to the lists everyone is bringing to the tournament I think I am bringing a knife to a gunfight. There will be massive beasts galore backed up by hordes of wizards and batteries of warmachines. That should be enough to smash my army to pieces! The draw for the first round has already been made and I believe I will be fighting against an Ogre force. That would at least be a decent match up but not a simple game. As I have played Ogres a lot I know that they are dangerous. The magic is powerful as are the characters. With a decent game plan and some luck I should do well. I will also have to learn to play for a draw in this tournament. As I don't believe that I can deal effectively with everything that will be thrown at me I need to cut my losses and draw. While that probably make for a terrible game, it is a needed skill for ETC games.

Anyway you can look forward to some reports next week I hope... I have to go and catch the plane now!


  1. I'm still flip-flopping on my army selection for Saturday, but at least it'll be packs in a proper army box :-P

  2. Good luck at the tournament!
    Just found your blog today and wanted to tell you that you've got some really nice conversions going on, I feel quite inspired!
    And a mono-Slaanesh force aswell, double the joy, as I'm working on my own warband with the very same alignment.
    I'll keep an eye on your progress, looking forward to seeing some paint on those models.

    PS: I hope your models survive the trip. I have yet to get myself an army box/case, but if the one you've ordered from Battlefoam turns out to be any good, be sure to let me know!


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