September 3, 2009

Some real progress

Finally I am managing to make some real progress on the Sons of the Bear. Whilst hiding from the horror of the real world yesterday I managed to get into a nice sculpting rhythm. This resulted in the Maruders now being offically half done, well half constructed I suppose. The cloaks take a long while to sculpt and it is getting hard to justify doing them for what amounts to a five point model. At least the next regiment of Marauders won't have them as I am basing them on a more cultist feel. I am assuming I will have only one large regiment of Marauders of 18+. They will be a pain to put cloaks on! The mounted ones will also have a cloak so I will be at fur by the time I am finished.

The shot here shows a work in progress on the cloaks still left to do. I begin with a small sheet of green stuff attached to the back of the model in a vague cloak shape. Then once that has cured overnight I reinforce it by putting more green stuff over the shoulders. I do this because the first one I tried broke in the middle of sculpting because it was not attached strongly enough. Once all this has cured I begin to sculpt around the shoulders and chest. This gives a further reinforcement for the cloak which is always good. This is the stage I am at with the ones in the photograph. That again has tocure overnight. Then you can finish the cloak with one further sheet of green stuff pressed onto the unsculpted area and then starting to form the strands of fur.

As I am going for woodland bases I don't really want to undercoat these guys white. Painting the bases after undercoating white is annoying epecially when i comes to returning the side to black! I have found recently that undercoating in white is saving me a lot of time painting. The thing is I can water my basecoat down and put it on carefully. Generally the watered paint needs two coats over the white. If applied carefully you already have a highlighted colour as the watered paint naturally collects in the recesses. A light wash (not using the Citadel Washes) then gives some stronger definition. This is a really great technique for annoying areas that don't deserve much attention. The more prominent and important areas tend to get the traditional blended and layered highlights. Anyway more about painting once I get to doing it!
I had to find some cork tiles to make the rocks for the bases. These are wonderful for simulating rocks as they are so finely textured. After scouring the supermarket and attempting and failing to explain in german what I needed I found them. They were tucked away with the lunch boxes. When the only word you can be sure of in a sentence explaining what you want is Mug then you are probably on the wrong track! I am going for a woodland base so I have been busy collecting fallen twigs. Thankfully it is autumn so they are plentiful. Seemingly Hamburg is the 'greenest' european city so trees are everywhere. I have noticed the the leaf litter you can buy from gaming shops is pretty plentiful here too! It comes from the seeds of Elm trees and gathers nicely in little piles on the street. There must be some enterprising chap going around collecting and bagging them!

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