September 1, 2009

Sons of the Bear

Well I have arrived. I have simply managed to swap the wasps for mosquitoes however. I am much less merciful with these as after the feasting of the first night here. I am still covered five days later with painful bites. I have been assured that they are relatively rare but every night I have found at leat one hovering about the room!

The work I have been attempting to get done has involved doing some marauders. I saw amongst the many Warriors of Chaos Blogs someone who had made marauders with double handed weapons. I really liked the way they looked so I have copied them. The conversions are simple. The Marauders come with flails so it is just a matter of carefully removing the chain and then adding a different weapon head. As the axe blades on the sprue are already quite large, even though they are supposed to represent hand weapons, I used them as the blades for the double handed weapons. I am happy with them. The less adorned axe heads are the nicest.

I wasn't just going to leave them like that however! At the moment I am busy sculpting fur cloaks for each of the twelve models in the small regiment. I had done this before for my Ogre army and it came out quite well. It is a different matter entirely to do the same on the much smaller marauders. The level of detail in the cloak has to be much higher. Making the frame on which to build the fur is also difficult. So far the work has gone well though the learning curve has been steep. Hopefully by the end of this regiment I should have relearned the technique I used before and hopefully manage to get a sufficent level of detail.

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