June 20, 2012

5th Border Legion Test

So I painted my first khadoran. I wanted to do a 5th border legion scheme as I think it is nicer than the standard red. The Man O War Kovnik was my victim. I don't see him being used often so I am assuming he isn't the most competitive piece. A good candidate for a test I think! Please feel free to give some feedback. I messed up the highlights in places. The shield isn't highlighted high up enough for one. I also don't have enough of a contrast, it would seem at least, on the green armour. I used Vallejo's German Fieldgrey WWII. It is a nice military colour, not too vibrant or garish. I shaded it with a fifty fifty mix of Charred Brown(VJ). This is a nice shade as it doesn't get too dark and take away from the green effect.

I did the base up to look like a small crater. The model really fills the base and so it is hard to make out. For the grey I think everything came out fine. It might blend a little too much in with the green. It is also quite a muted drab colour. I have a very german theme in my colour selection as this one is called German Grey(VJ). The green is highlighted with Dead Flesh(VJ) so it maintains a green hue. I usually use Bonewhite(VJ) and I was a little worried that it might wash out the green too much. The grey is highlighted with Bonewhite and it comes out fine if maybe a little blue.

I think this image shows the colours best as there is no shield or weapon disturbing the view. I added some battle damage and it is okay. It was just painted on rather than added with salt or hairspray. I did it this way to save time and also as I didn't want to get my airbrush out. It could have been a lot better that is for sure. In future I will be paying a lot more attention to it, especially on my 'jacks. The shading can be seen much better here on the shoulder pads. They fade into a much darker shade as the reach the edges. That came out quite nicely I think but could use some more work. Shading has never been my strongest technique. I usually start with the darkest shade and work up in tone. I want to improve so it is time to start clambouring out of my comfort zone! I am not sure what is up next for Khador, maybe my Kodiak. It depends on how inspired I feel to keep going with the scheme as it currewntly is.

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