June 27, 2012

Kodiak WIP

Here is my Kodiak nearing completion. I hope you can see that this is a vast improvement from my Menoth Warjacks. I put a lot more effort into shading this model and while I haven't done it perfectly it is good enough. I have gone for the same scheme as with the Man O War Kovnik. I shaded a little darker however and I think this helps the contrast with the lighter green. I want to keep the tabard red on my Warjacks to tie them into the main Khador colour somehow. It is also breaking up the green a little with a warmer colour. The off white on the edges of the shoulder pad is similar to what I did with the pads on the Kovnik and I think I will keep it as a compliment colour on the army.

I haven't as yet added any damage or weathering to the model. I am almost to afraid to at this point. I could happily leave him as is and just finish the base. However I do want my Khador Warjacks to have some battle damage and I need to think about ways to do it. I think painting it on is better than salt weathering or the hairspray method. I intend to keep the damage to a minimum level which I can then ramp up for the older chassis such as the Berserker and Drago.

I put a lot more effort into the mettalics than usual. The poor photographs don't help show it off. I will be weathering these down but I think I achieved some good contrast on them. My blends are not quite seamless yet but I am getting there. Metallics are really hard to do... I watched Ghool's video on how to do them and he really makes it look easy. Check out Hand Cannon Online for his excellent videos. So this is the current state of the Kodiak. Hopefully he will look even better when next he appears!

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