June 5, 2012

Tharn Ladies

There seems to be no end to the Tharn models that I need to paint and Lock and Load hasn't helped. It looks like one or maybe two new units for the Tharn. The first is a bow armed Ravager unit which would be cool. Hopefully they suck a little less than their axe armed brothers. I still haven't managed to use them properly though more and more people have been recommending them to me. Also one of the pictures of the Mountain King showed a nice silhouette of two axe armed Tharn. They didn't have the same axes as the Ravagers so maybe they are something new? For now however I have to get the last of my Bloodtrackers done.

I have the minimun unit of these painted since they came out. I think they were the second unit painted after the Wolves of Orboros. I did them in the purple skin tone I eventually used on the Ravagers. It works much better on smaller models. I matched these in pretty well so far though the blending on the flesh is so much better on the recent ones. It also doesn't take as long from what I remember. I have Nuala also to do. I decided to throw her in with these and at least get the base coats and initial highlights down at the same time. It saves mixing the same colours over and over again. Hopefully I can get these done quickly. That would be the last of my Circle models painted, at least of those I have bought so far. I am itching to get a Shadowhorn Satyr and the Bloodweavers are also calling to me. Seeing what is coming in Gargantuans I need to keep up with my Circle if I intend to get the entire faction painted... or I could start my Khador finally. Even getting a thirty five point list done would be nice for them.

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