June 22, 2012


I am finally done with the Bloodtrackers. That is a good feeling. These models are so detailed that they are a little bit of a pain to paint. I only had four to do, five with Nuala, but they seemed to take ten times longer than any other model. Having finished these also means I have no more Circle Orboros models left to paint at the moment. I know this state won't last long so I am savouring it a little. I want to get the Blood Weavers and some more Warbests so I imagine I have a week or two before my resolve breaks and I buy some.


  1. Exceptional looking models. I'm not familiar with them, but they have a lot of cool look dynamics.

    1. These are some of PP's best models. They are a horror to paint. Thankfully thats enough done for a long long while!


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