June 11, 2012

Almost time for a roof!

Despite having no internet access for most of last week that didn't really aid my endeavours to get some paint on some models! Once I managed to get a connection I was defintely not getting anything done. I had expected to get a lot of podcasts talking about Colossals but so far there have been none. Must be an embargo until the offical release I guess. Today I was finally able to sit down and get something done. I decided that I wanted to just continue with my tower and get it finished. The top level is more or less complete and I just need to work on the roof. I am not doing anything too complicated with this. It is a utilitarian tower and nothing more. I often see warmachine terrain being qualified as such by the addition of a steam boiler on the side. I am avoiding this as it isn't something I see as being useful for a tower and it would complicate the model too much. I have had this sitting looking at me for far too long. It has to be finished soon. One thing I really underestimated is the sheer height of the tower. With the roof I am guessing it is just under 30cm tall, so almost a foot. That is massive in comparison to the other terrain I have built and I am worried about the metal sides being a little boring. I don't have access to a decent plasticard stockist otherwise I would have gone to town on the detail. If I come around to doing more structures in the future I will make sure I have what I need.

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