June 28, 2012

Demolition Corps bases

This is what I am doing for my Demolition Corps. The big Man O War models have just enough base size to get some interesting detail on there. I wanted the unit to look like it is crossing a barbed wire line. This is the most action posed of the unit the rest aren't quite as creative. The models were a complete horror to work with. I don't know what type of plastic this is but it took me easily three times long to get these assembled and cleaned than a metal unit. The plastic just doesn't clean up nicely. I use a blade to clean off mould lines and when used here it tore the mould line leaving a ragged strip of plastic behind. Using my files, not of the highest quality I admit, didn't help either. That started to damage the surface surrounding the line rather than polishing it. I finally used a combination of the knife and some dental tools and this managed to get them decently clean. I really am not looking forward to the next set of Privateer Press plastics.... I am hoping I somehow got a bad batch.


  1. Lookin hot man! Their plastics and resins seem to be getting better. I have the same issues as you though so you are not alone.

  2. yeah i've had problems with their plastics too. my problems have mostly been with priming them though. if i use anywhere near the amount of primer that i would normally use on metal or GW plastics it creates a super smooth surface that paint just doesn't want to stick to.

    Also bases are looking great so far, both this and the green stuff sandbags.

  3. I hope the plastic 'jacks and warbeasts are better as I haven't worked with them so far.


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