November 30, 2010

Dreadstone Blight arrives

Dreadstone Blight... well it arrived in the post yesterday and I was rather shocked. I was expecting a rather complicated piece of kit. However what I received was really simple. I am guessing but this kit seems to have about twelve parts! The walls are three interlocking sections on the bottom level with two extra bits. These fit onto the really super thick plastic base. The stairs just glues in under the floor pieces. Putting this together would only take about ten minutes, maybe with another ten involved in cleaning the mould lines. The piece comes alredy removed from the sprue. The levels are individually wrapped in a bag. Really this kit has barely any work needed! The picture comes from here. I spotted it this morning and I am astounded at how quickly it was painted to such quality. I want to duplicate the result so I will be ordering some of the vajello weathering powders soon. I am assuming this is what was used to get the wonderful effects on the stonework. The brown on the base for instance.

I have slowly been gathering up terrain pieces for Warhammer with a thought to getting a really high quality board created. The only problem with this is the table itself. While my apartment isn't that small it is still hard to store a 6" x 4" table somewhere. If I went with my previous solution of a board that folds in half along the centre then I have to deal with the problems it had. You still need a large table to balance the board on as otherwise it could fold over during the battle. The one I made, and still have back in Ireland, was really heavy which minimised the possibility to fold. I commissioned these from a carpenter and he put the hinges on the underside! This time I will try to go with half inch MDF with the hinges some how on the top. It should be possible to 'bury' then into the table so that they are not obvious during the battle... I would texture the table of course but again this leads to more problems as generally this causes warping. Reinforcing the boards to prevent this makes them annoying to store and to lay down on a table.

What I really want though is a modular set up. A number of 2" x 2" sections should be enough, maybe eight? However storing these things is next to impossible too. Nowhere have I ever seen a shelving system (with doors) that would allow these to be stored out of sight! Again warping would be a problem, probably even more so as you don't have the weight of the boards themselves acting somewhat as a counter balance.

Having looked around the internet for some inspiration I really haven't found any. The only things of interest were basically premanent set-ups and that doesn't suit me at all. What I need must be packed away after use... Anyway I hopefully will come up with something soon or at least find someone elses idea I can steal!


  1. How about 1 of the following?:

    1. Make a brace in the middle of your fold board that can slot in at each end so that the able top becomes ridged and then use hobby horses to raise it off the floor.

    2. Make the main table flat. 6x4 isn't that big when it is put at the bacl of a wardrobe again using hobby horses to make it into a table. Then create terrain to go on it and store on shelf?

  2. If only it was that simple.... I am still thinking of some different ways to approach this.


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