November 17, 2010

Wood... uuuugh

Slowly my marauders are coming together! This is once again a very work in progress shot. I have a good bit more to do with the shields, basically all the detail work there. On the marauders themselves I only have a small few details to do. The weapons especially need some attention. Thankfully this is half the regiment nearly done. While they are boring and time consuming to do, doubly so when you consider that they are only worth about five point each! Still these have been a massive annoyance to me for a long time. The two big blocks have been sitting on my desk sapping my will to continue. Now that I see some good progress being made my motivation is slowly returning.

Its strange how just looking at a block of miniatures awaiting some paint can really take away your motivation to continue. With the amount I have done now over half the marauders are finished. I still have sixteen to construct ans sculpt cloaks for but I am finally enthusiastic about doing it. I am under no illusions though that the army is nearing completion. I am assuming I have about another forty warrior models to paint... at least these are not constructed and therefore sitting on my desk begging for paint.

I hope the beastman shields work work out on the marauders. I really didn't want to suddenly put brightly painted shields on these. However the beastman shields could be a little dark? I can't judge the effect over the entire regiment just yet but hopefully the pale skin can still make them stand out. Painting the wood is not fun. I start with a basecoat of scorched brown and work it up with a mix of snakebite leather. It keeps the colour muted and stops it from blending into the other browns I have used on the model. Building up those layers can take a while though. I have kindly been donated enough shields to finish the regiment, thanks Lenny!


  1. I think the shields look great on the unit. And I totally agree that lots of unpainted (or worse, unassembled!) minis really sap your will to continue on. Heck, that's the reason my Ogres are going to devour all of my free time until the tournament.

  2. I really like it. The shields look great with the models themselves, not too dark in my opinion.

  3. Looking good!
    I read the words "desk, sapping" as a single word. I think "Desksapping" is a good term for all the minis that are slowly devouring your will to continue :D
    I've got a ton of spare beastmen shields if you need any more, by the way.

  4. These guys are lovely! C'mon get them finished.

    I like seeing Marauder conversions as the stock models are a little meh!


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