May 24, 2011

Continuing with the Dreadstone Blight

I managed despite my amazing super drowsy, non-drowsy, medication to stay awake long enough yesterday to make some progress with the Dreadstone Blight. I lightened and tidied the stone work. Its still not finished but it is looking a lot better now. I had just washed the drybrushed grey with Badab Black to get some shading but that generally leads to it going on to heavily in certain areas. So to compensate I lightend the stone work in places, especially where they were too dark. I might go back and give some white highlights to the edges to make them pop, I will certainly do this to the more decorative elements that are there. Also as you can see in the picture I got busy on the magic dial in the centre. The rust in the centre looks a little vibrant at the moment. Thats mainly due to the camera. I will be darkening it down later so I hope it won't be quite like this on the finished model. At least this part of the model will be in shadown so that should also work to tome everything down. I plan on using a brown pigment on the lower stone courses and the floor to really make this place look over grown. Lets see how that goes!

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