May 22, 2011

What is Hunter: the Vigil

This question is a tought one. I have struggled with it for a long time. I can't really start to design a game until I know what that game is. I have read the books and I think the problem is that there is too much information. All the conspiracy and organisational stuff just gets in the way. There is too much confusion. Keeping it simple and down to earth for me is paramount.

I scanned the White Wolf forum today. Why I don't really know why but the following post clearer up a lot of confusion for me:
Hunters are not some big game hunters who happened upon Supernaturals and decided to change specialties. They are people, ordinary people, who found the supernatural and recognized that most of them are not exactly friendly.So they decide that they need to do something (this step is important! This is were the character picks up the candle and becomes a hunter).What they do, depends. They might try to contain them, study them, frighten them off, talk to them, etc. But sooner or later they are gonna be noticed by less friendly creatures or creatures who do not even understand the idea of talking. Hunting is not a life you choose. It is forced upon one by ones own morals. By an inability to stand aside and close ones eyes.
My players are getting restless . They know I have started to prepare stuff. I am nowhere near ready for gaming yet though. One of the toughest challenges I face is keeping the group small. I have about eight prospective players and I only want to have a group of four. Anymore than that makes it the game unruly and hard to creat an atmosphere for. So with the mantra above in my mind I can start designing the chronicle.


  1. I've only played Hunter once, but it was great fun. I think there are plenty of different tones and flavours you could run with, which is where all the weird conspiracy stuff comes in.
    I always think it's a little along the lines of X-Files. Supernatural is another good show to watch for flavour/ideas.

  2. I recommend Sanctuary and Warehouse 13!

  3. Really? I haven't even heard of them...


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