December 19, 2011

Assembled and so let the Games Begin!

Yesterdays progress was good, everything is assembled and ready to go. I think I can get everything basecoated and based today. Having an airbrush really helps as I can spray them all khaki. This is the base colour for the skin tone and not having to paint on all that skin is good! I can immediately worry about the other surfaces and details. I am going to keep these the same colour as the test model.

These are the new Ungor models, I have to say I am a little torn between these and the older ones. The fur is going to be annoying to paint on these. It is much finer detail with each strand being much much smaller. The older models had coarser fur which was simple to bring highlights up with. I put the models on larger bases to stretch them a little further. It saves me buying a few more boxes which is great with the way the prices are, especially for Ungor. A few bases of 40mm with only two guys on them get lost in the mass of a regiment and nobody has yet ever complained. It adds to the disorganised look of a beastman mob!

So coffee is done and a Game of Thrones is playing... time to get the brushes wet!

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