December 27, 2011

Fimir... a new hope?

So forgewrold have gone ahead and created some models for my all time favourite Gamesworkshop army, the Fimir. It looks like I had beter start saving now. I can't imagine these being cheap. I wonder are these going to be a full army such as was done for the Chaos Dwarves or are these just an ally that some armies can take. The next book out from Forge World is Monstrous Arcana and I can't see that it should contain a new offical army list. Especially as the Fimir don't have all the special toys that the Chaos Dwarves have. Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up.


  1. You could always field them under an existing army book like Ogres.

  2. True but its not the same as having an army of them! I really would love to put these down on the table as a true Fimir army.


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