November 2, 2012

First Bestigors

I didn't have much time last night but I got my first Bestigors finished. Only twenty six left to go! I am guessing a regiment of thirty or so is enough, I think forty is fairly excessive at a standard game level. These are really nice models to paint. The armour makes them a little easier to do than the standard Gors. Flesh is always more annoying to do than armour! I used another hound to fill the spacng base. It saves models and ties the regiment in with my Gor Horde. I have the standard bearer and musician basecoated so hopefully I can get them painted fairly quickly. Once these Bestigor are finished I have to decide if I am going to invest in the army more. The Bestigor are the last beastmen models I have left. It is very satisfying to clear something out of the massive stockpile I have built up. I don't want to start a big project at the moment to be honest as I have a few other things coming up soon, namely a Woldwrath and some SAGA warbands.

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  1. Those Bestigor look super sweet. I love that color scheme. Bravo sir!


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