October 31, 2012

The Raid on Wallei, part two

Last night was the second game of two in the Raid on Wallei SAGA campaign. Owen, my opponent, has a video battle report on his blog. The video report on the first battle can be found here. The battle was a little strange, mainly due to the scenario. We played the Challenge scenario which would seem fine on the surface. Warlords begin the game within 4" of each other forcing them into combat on the first turn. They each have twelve wounds allowing them to survive a few rounds at least. The armies are deployed as normal on average about twelve inches behind the warlords. Our battle started with a few rouns of comabt. I was able to exhaust the Viking warlord twice, pinning him in place and getting repeated charges on him. However as I was charging with fatigue on me accompanied by lowly Ceorls (Warriors) I was consistently losing the combat. While this was going on I wasn't able to get my army into a dominant position and when my Ceorls were wiped out I was completely stopped in my tracks due to almost my entire army gaining fatigue.

Once that happened the Vikings withdrew forcing me to slowly come onto them and being whittled down in the process. The fact that I had more wounds on my warlord than my opponents allowed them to run down the clock and win by default. It was pretty annoying that the scenario allowed for this. I assume I would have still lost as I was in a bad position but the scenario should force the warlord to fight each other much more! I shall have my revenge and burn the Viking ships yet!

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