March 7, 2013

Crazy Nutters

These will be some of the back ranking guys for the regiment. I made sure that those in front have a few more obvious chaos symbols on them. There really isn't a need for that in the back ranks. The empire flagellant models are really great and suit the cultist image excellently. The eyes are tiny and almost impossible to paint. I usually don't have a problem with painting eyes but really these guys are tough to do. I have scattered the heads around the rest of the army and they fit the marauders perfectly. I have also added them to the Chaos Mages I converted a long time ago. I am eager to paint the mages up but I need a little more greenstuff work on them before I can get started.


  1. could you share with us what kind of paints did you use on these flagellants? thx. and yes, these are tiny, unfortunately

  2. These were mainly done with foundation paints from GW. The skin is Tallarn Flesh, the robe is Orchide Shade and the parchement is done with Bleached Bone.


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