March 5, 2013

The Last Ones

That is it, no more Marauder Horsemen to do. Okay I have a few more models unassembled in the bitz box but there they shall remain. I can't se myself using more than twelve of these guys anytime soon and if the models are unassembled I can pretend they don't exist! So that is two regiments complete for my Chaos army. Add that to two regiments of dogs done years agao and I have a fair start on the light elements of the army. The challenge as always is getting the blocks done. If this was sixth or seventh edition I would only have a few more models to paint to bring regiments up to twenty and then I would be done. Sadly everything has to be at least twenty five models now so I still have quite a way to go.


  1. the time you get that all done ninth edition will come out and it will go back to being the game where knights ruled the day.....

    Nice looking models. I'm not sure I could paint my horses white. I'm surprised how good they look in white.

    1. I had been going for a Slaanesh theme and white seemed good. It also provides some strong contrast as my army can look a little dull from a distance.


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