December 16, 2015

Celestial Vindicators

Very slow progress is being made with my Celestial Vindicator Brotherhood. I haven't made any changes to the scheme and I dont intend to really. I do have a few decisions still to make. I want to work on my silver a little more to make it pop. I am pretty boring when it comes to silvers and stick with washes mainly. I think I could improve this if I went with a darker basecoat and then a wash, finally I would build it up as I do gold. Usually when I do this I don't get the results I really want. Practice is needed I think. I also need to decide what exactly is going to go on the left shoulder pads of these guys. I just can't seem to get a freehand scheme I like at all and it is driving me nuts. I may well go with the basic design on my previously completed model but I don't know. I shall have to admit that I am coming back to these guys in the future once I have figured a few things out.

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