December 21, 2015

Stormcast Triumvirate Completed

Three done and a lot more to go. I am actually starting to enjoy painting these more. The blending of the blues is a little annoying but it has started to go faster. It still takes an age to get a single model done. The sheer size of the models means I can only do one at a time as otherwise my paint mixtures would dry too quickly. I don't know if it really effects my speed but I am unaccustomed to painting single models like this for regiments and it really feels wrong.

I am really happy with how the bases are coming along. The ruined temple theme gives me good material to work with and here I did a small broken pillar. It is a little thin and I only realised after I had finished it. I don't really mind and it still looks fine. I might however bulk it up when it comes to doing it on another model. I am going to stop doing the smaller flag stones on the bases and go with larger surfaces before breaking them up. I think it is more realistic, especially when considering marble and of course it looks better. I have tried it on the other bases I have been preparing and it is an improvement.

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