January 9, 2011

First one down for 2011

So my first model of 2011 is done. I have had this Exemplar Seneschal for a few years I think at this stage. It is nice to finally have him done so I don't need to proxy him in future games. He isn't a masterpiece by a long shot but he is done. I could have spent a few more hours to really perfect him but then he wouldn't really fit the rest of the force. Now he matches the few Exemplars I have done for the army which is what I will be aiming for over the next few pieces of the army. The Senechal is really one of the best anti 'jack pieces in the army. If both of his attacks hit he can then slam the model away. Putting a Khador 'jack on its ass is great fun! I wish there was a variant model available as that would allow me to field two that are easily identifiable. I left off the back banners as with their weight and small contact area they never would have stayed on the model.

So I reduced my lead pile by one... with a little bit of luck I will continue the trend. I resisted... barely Maelstrom Games recent sale. That would have seen me with a whole new Khador force which when thinking about it would also have languished as a 'to do' project along with all the rest. Now I will concentrate on finishing the various half done Menoth units I have hopefully making some decent progress this month. I will also start researching some tournaments around my local area. Hopefully there are a few other Warmachinists around.


  1. Looks good although applying a wash to the gold armour would make the detail stand out a lot more.

    One thing I really liked about Mk2 was the ability to build an all Exemplar army.

    eKreoss, Seneschals, K/Exemplar, E/Errants w. Std Bearer, High Exemplar Gravus, Errant Seneschal with Rhupert Cavalo to boost the Knights and you have an excellent force. Just pick the jacks you like and have fun

  2. Yep I was thinking that. A black wash along the divisions of the armour plates might make the pieces better defined...

  3. Black wash works, Ive also found that Chestnut Ink (if you have any) or Red Wash works well with Gold brings out the edges but also the colour.

  4. Once I get another chance to paint I will be trying this out. I might darken the cheswtnut wash with some black... not sure but I will be doing a lot more like this soon, Exemplars, so I can experiment a little with this guy to get it correct.


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