January 7, 2011

A return to Prime

As promised I got down to some gaming last night. I pulled Prime off my shelf and blew off the considerable covering of dust! It had been too long since I gazed through the wonderful Warmachine MkII rulebook. Privateer Press really outdid themselves in making that book. It packed with wonderful artwork and is clear and concise. The only fault I have was that there are not enough pictures of painted miniatures and the exploration of alternative colour schemes. I am guessing that the army books take care of that. I haven't picked any up as I wasn't playing. I will be visiting some of the online stores today to price the expansions!

The picture above is the aftermath of last nights battle. We played via Vassal, which if you don't know it can be found here. Its free which is great. There is no logic in the game itself so you need to know the rules. You also need to keep a clear line of communication open with your opponent as the game pretty much demands it. I used skype, finally without a hitch. I would have played more over the last year except that my opponents skype connection would constantly drop and this lead to us just not bothering to organise games. We got the problem solved and so let the games commence!

Last nights game was pretty much a warm up. I was really rusty with the rules especially considering that I haven't really played MkII. My opponents report can be found here. The game was great and although I lost rather badly it was fun. Warmachine really demands a different set of skills than warhammer, especially as their is almost no premeasuring. Judging distances on the screen is proving really tough for me. I think it lead to a few mistakes last night though I can't blame my loss on them as I pretty much forced to make them. Anyway I had better improve as we will hopefully be starting an Annihalation campaign soon...

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