January 13, 2011

We don't sell that kinda stuff here

Another small victory versus the lead pile! Well thats not 100% true. I have had this guy started a long time ago but never finished. He had gotten as far as the base coat stage and then I must have become bored. He has been rescued from that stage and quickly finished. In my Warmachine filled 2011 he is mysecond model to get done. He is of course a Hierophant of Menoth. I have no clue what he does in MKII other than follow my Warcaster around. I haven't been able to source a book to read up on him as Hamburg is a Warmachine desert. I went searching yesterday for some Warmachine stuff and the store closest to my home has none. Thats a little weird as it has to be a popular game... well I would assume so at least. Asking behind the counter about it in my terrible german turned up the fact that it really doesn't sell well in Hamburg and no shops stock it, except for one thats not really close to my house. So next weeks mission is the visit Atlantis Games and to check out their stock. I have made some tentative contact with a few local groups so hopefully I can get a few games in soon.

This weekend I won't be posting much as I am off to Finland for a party. A nice cabin has been rented in the forest and stocked with a special beer from a good friends brewery there. While there will be some gaming taking place it will be of a more jovial sort and definitely not a Wargame. You are allowed to be jealous...

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