January 21, 2011

Warhammer, Warhammer, where for art thou Warhammer?

One of the biggest reasons I am annoyed with Warhammer at the moment is all the waiting. I really think, as many others online do, feel that Games Workshop have dropped the ball. Something is going on (wrong?) with Warhammer and nobody has a clue what. Its going to be likely that three army books will be updated within fifteen months of the new editions release. Assuming a constant three books per year we are again looking at books not being updated within an entire edition. This is going to be bad for Warhammer in general. Eighth has been such a complete change,in my opinion not a bad one, that the books need to be coming out within a decent timeframe to have everyone able to play fairly and enjoy the game.

The strange thing is we are only seeing models from the previous edition being released now. The second wave of skaven are nice but really we could do with seeing something new! My eagerness to play and hence to buy are waning inexonerably to nothing. Without the newness of something coming I just can't be bothered to paint anymore. Now this shouldn't be a problem right? The game is there and is a good edition. Well yes and no as with the horrible balancing issues the game has we need new books. Over the Christmas period I had the chance to get a game in. I didn't take it. Why? Well that was simple, my regular opponent in my hometown uses lizardmen. I knew that if I lined out my Orcs I would simply have been awaiting either of us getting a big spell through to gain some dominance and then wiping the rest of the forces out. At this point with the really good rules in Warhammer the magic phase just kills it for me. I feel that everything else bar the magic phase is pretty balanced.

Privateer Press have been able to release a new edition of Warmachine and essentially update each of its factions within eight weeks. While they have less factions they have a similar if not larger number of units and characters within the factions. They managed to do this and release some new models at the time. So we know it is possible. At that scedule Games Workshop, if they devoted some resources, could easily have the entire warhammer range updated within two years. I really would like to know what is taking so long. I have a hope that it could be something awesome but thats becoming more forlorn as the time goes on.

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