January 5, 2011

New Year... New Game?

So I took out my Warmachine stuff finally. They have languished at the back of my gaming cabinet in Ireland happily forgotten about for well over a year. I blame it all on a conversation on New Years Eve. I was chatting about how I was annoyed with Warhammer. Eventually the conversation strayed to Warmachine and it stayed there for a while. Warmachine is a great game, one I have enjoyed a lot in the past. I never really considered bringing it to Germany as it is very language depedent. Even with the new edition I pretty much ignored my Warmachine stuff. Well now it is out on the desk and getting an update. My plan is to finish off a 25pt Menoth force and then paint a 25pt Khador force. This will allow me to teach some friends here how to play and if that goes to plan find some more people to play with. I start tomorrow though with a game via Vassal so I don't have to worry too much about the models!

What you see here are my zealots. I collected and painted most of my Warmachine stuff over many years. Strangely I got into Warmachine the second it became available. How we managed that in Ireland is strange as we wouldn't normally be on the forefront of game releases. The community is small and we really just concentrate on Warhammer and 40k, or at least we did back then. The first picture above shows my first unit of zealots and the the second shows my most recent. I have put some effort into matching them this week. I repainted the coats so that they are the same or similar. The main problem with these models is that I never really gave my Menites that much attention. I pretty much just painted to have them done. So they are sloppy, really sloppy. Anyway I will be tring to bring them all up to standard and hopefully I can. A start with standardising the bases would be great.

The entire force needs a uniform basing scheme. When I first saw the style of Privateer Press bases I knew that these would be great for swamps. They have a slight lip, just enough to hold some resin or varnish to act as water. I didn't really plan what I was doing though and it shows. The 'jacks with their much larger bases aren't so bad but with the standard infantry achieving a realistic swamp effect is tough. At least I don't need to take much remedial action with the water as it came out fine. The main thing I need to do is repaint the brown as I have about three different colours across the army. Then gluing more static flock over the various shades I applied should have everything looking the same.

So you can look forward to a few guides soon as I will be buying and painting all new 'jacks. I didn't dare transport my old ones from Ireland as I doubt I would have ever managed to keep them together! I also look forward to seeing the new plastic ones.


  1. Great looking models (Zealots are an awesome unit) really impressed with the detailing on the eyes.

  2. Believe me up close these guys are not that nice. I do think the photograph somehow makes them look a lot better than reality which is strange as usually it is the opposite way around. Thanks for the reply!


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