January 11, 2011

I can't believe I lost!

I am still recovering from my last game. By the last few turns of the game I was almost shaking with the tension! I have explored Vassal a little more and found that Memoir '44 is on there. This is a fantastic board game that utilises the Command and Colours system. It is generally not a very tense or technical game but wow! I have been blown away by the last scenario. As the Axis I had to blow some dams before the British managed to stop me. Every dice roll was important and some of the best tactical moves I have ever seen in the game were shown on both sides. I managed to inflict three of four wounds on the dam before the british could stop me. Eventually they managed to and they took control of the bridge. Control then swung back to the Axis side two more times without any damage inflicted on the dam. Finally I had to give up hope of blowing that dam and concentrate on the dam on my other flank. Well that gave the British enough room to defeat the final defenders I had and win the game.

It was interesting to see the amount of terrain on this board. At first we were both a little intimidated by the fact there is almost no open ground. It made moving the Allied armour almost impossible before I blew the dams. That means that the Allied player had to go head first into the fray with his infantry. It also prevented a lot of retreats that are a staple of the game meaning that the defenders on the dams took more hits than would be normal. I have to say the huge amount of terrain really made the game fun!

Anyone thinking of some light WWII refreshment should check this game out. It may be a good introduction to historical wargaming. While it strictly is a board game it straddles the line between that and a wargame quite well. It has enough of both to be pleasing. Normally it is played with models and not on vassal and while you are always playing scenarios that are imbalanced it is fun. Generally I swap sides with my opponent and refight the scenario just for fairness.

Okay I have calmed down now...

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